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Gain Focus & Improve Productivity by Reducing Multi-Tasking

December 11, 2012

More companies today are focusing on mindfulness training to help improve productivity.  According to an article in,  research shows that 49% of the time our mind is not focused on the task at hand.  Especially with the bombardment of constant technology, we are driven to distraction by  email, phone(s), ipads and other technology.

According to Basex, a research firm, the estimated cost to companies from lost productivity is $997 billion and 28 billion hours.

Mindfulness is the opposite of multi-tasking. It is most commonly taught by various forms of meditation. With more focus  people make fewer mistakes.   Companies who have instituted such practices as mindfulness training include Apple, Google and General Mills.

Reducing noise levels helps, including music and TV.  I recommend planning your day the night before.  Make note of all important tasks that need to  be completed, and focus on getting those done first.  Have a regular schedule and take time, even five or 10 minutes for meditating to slow your mind and stay focused.



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