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Five Leadership Competencies

October 29, 2012

In a recent article by Inc. Magazine, they name five competencies  that are critical to how you are perceived as a leader.

1.  Visibility

It’s not just about how people  see you in presentations and around the office, but also how you respond to accomplishments of the company or work group, as well as how you deal with challenging situations or crises.  Develop skills in areas that are uncomfortable for you.  That will set you apart.

2. Preparation

Often leaders are great at preparing facts and figures  for presentations, but leadership is not just about numbers.  How is your energy level?  How do you connect with people?

3. Comfort

This is related to preparation.  It refers to being comfortable in your own skin and  with your leadership role.  Pay attention to  any feelings of discomfort about your role and your responsibilities. Make sure you are grounded.

4. Listening

This is critical.  Leaders often like to  show control by talking, but often they need to listen instead.

5. Blend

Pull back when necessary.  Sometimes the spotlight should be on others.  Give people the opportunity to come to you with problems  and different  perspectives.



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