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Developing Better Emotional Intelligence: Intrapersonal Components

September 12, 2012

D&B Consulting

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical for career success. EQ  has to do with how we manage ourselves and how we interact with others. In research conducted by Daniel Coleman, 67% of the abilities thought to distinguish the best performers were emotional competencies.

Below describe the  eight components of how we manage ourselves:

1.  Self-Awareness:  Believing that challenges can be met, a realistic self-assessment, recognition of your moods and drives, and viewing yourself as capable.

2.  Self Regulation:  The ability to control or redirect our impulses. Being conscious, having the ability to organize and achieve goals, and the ability to fulfill obligations.

3.  Emotional Self-Control:  Emotional discipline, the ability to control your emotions and suppress your more hostile feelings, and to manage  how your emotions flow.

4.  Flexibility:  Being able to enjoy the challenge of change and ambiguity, manage variety, and view the experience as information  you can draw from in the future.

5.  Motivation: The ability to pursue goals with energy, drive and optimism.

6.  Achievement: The drive to do well within a structure, and through your own initiative.

7.  Resilience:   Being able to use resources efficiently, not get discouraged and be persistent in  setting goals.

8.  Well-Being and Stress Management:  The maintenance  of good physical and mental well-being, being optimistic about the future, and being able to draw from coping resources.

Coming soon:  The Interpersonal Components of Emotional Intelligence

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