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Four Tips for Motivating Employees in Uncertain Times

October 14, 2010

D&B Consulting

Motivating employees properly is always important.  But it is particularly important in an uncertain economic environment where people fear losing their jobs and have less loyalty to the organization.

1. Provide Pay for Performance: Provide incentive pay for top talent to motivate them to perform in their roles.

2. Offer Non–Monetary Rewards: Employees have different needs and values and so it is best to ask employees what kinds of non-monetary rewards are the most meaningful for them. Some may value telecommuting, unpaid time off, or flextime.

3. Don’t overlook intrinsic rewards such as career development opportunities within the organization.These can be more effective than monetary rewards.

4. Managers often try a “one size fits all” approach to a rewards program that is based on what motivates management. It is best to survey employees and design programs to fit the employees and the means of the organization.


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