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Five Workforce Management (WFM) Questions for Every Organization*

July 12, 2010

D&B Consulting

#1 Financial
Are current Time and Labor Management processes and systems designed to control spending and deliver ROI?

•  WFM technology should drive cost reduction

•  Plug  any leakage

•  WFM practices should help drive revenue

#2  Strategic
Are our WFM systems used daily to deepen follow-through on C Level
strategic goals at all levels?

• WFM rules and actions should be aligned to goals

• Use design reviews

• Measure the expected outcomes

• Map a course for evolution & mission success

#3 Operational
Has the process of labor management been deployed for maximum effectiveness and proven to contribute to operational success?

• We should up to date

• We include everyone & use everything

• We measure what’s important

• We connect operational goals to the application and people

#4 People & Positioning
Do we have the right people involved?

• The key players care about what’s most important

• Needed experts  are included

• Someone is empowered to deliver change

• We understand our own value propositions

#5 Compliance
Do I understand my compliance risks?

• Rules and regulations are  in force

• There are no gaps in Compliance Assurance


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