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Conquering Resistance and Procrastination

September 9, 2009

“Resistance is the force that keeps us from taking positive action, choosing comfort and safety over challenge and growth.”

From my company web site:

Many of us have difficulty doing what we should do rather than what we want to do. I have spent countless hours strategizing with clients on how to overcome their resistance to taking the positive action needed to move them forward. It helps to be highly motivated with a strong desire to achieve. But for the rest of us, grinding ahead through disappointments and navigating unchartered territory is a daily challenge.

You can work to conquer resistance by practicing the completion of small tasks that are uncomfortable for you. In that way you gradually develop the discipline and courage to complete the tasks that are critical to your success.


I recently read a newspaper article about an author who has published two novels. He said that he is not sure how he was able to complete both books, but credited his family as his motivation to stay focused. It helps if all of us can reach deep down to find the motivating factor that can drive us forward.

Focus on Results

Focusing on results also helps, but you need specific guidelines, structure and accountability.

Get a Plan

It is very important that you have a comprehensive plan.

•What is it going to take to achieve your goals? Break down the process into parts.
•Determine priorities.
•Set goals and objectives with timelines and make a commitment to meet those timelines. The timelines then become self-imposed deadlines for task completion.
•If there are things that are particularly difficult for you, do them first thing in the morning. Resistance builds up as the day goes on.
•Set both daily and weekly goals for task completion that are challenging yet achievable.
•Make a commitment to yourself that you will complete all of items on your to do list every day.
•Work with someone for accountability. It can be a friend, partner, colleague or a coach.
•Keep a “stream of consciousness” daily journal, three pages in length, first thing in the morning. It will help to write about your frustrations and acknowledge successes.
•Allow yourself to celebrate small achievements!

“Procrastination is like a credit card:
it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.”

Christopher Parker

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